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Fin Taylor: Stink

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Fin Taylor

Venue: The Pit  |  Genre: Comedy

(No Performances)

A friend once told Fin that his stand-up 'smells like three in the morning'. So that's the show! Observational comedy for slackers.

This is Fin's second hour of comedy after his acclaimed 2014 debut...

"Top 10 Jokes of the Fringe 2014" (Guardian, Independent)

"Taylor is on the cusp of something big" (Skinny)

"…all the makings of a world quality stand-up" (List)

"In rubbing his less high-minded pursuits in the face of the smug and pretentious, he's found a prime vantage point for observational stand-up" (Fest)

Go to www.fintaylor.com/downloads and hear 2014's show for free.