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Mary Beth & Friends

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Mary Beth Morossa

Venue: The Pit  |  Genre: Cabaret and Circus

(No Performances)

Monsters, mutant children, and malevolent puppets, Mary Beth is friends with them all. And then some...

Award-winning performer Mary Beth Morossa has stepped out from the pages of a long forgotten story book, brushed the dust from her corset and is back in Brighton! Join her as she introduces some of her best friends, her worst friends, and her barely-even-there friends in a show which fuses macabre poetry, mime, puppetry, and cabaret, which is sure to delight, enchant and disgust in equal measure.

"Filled with the freshness of Roald Dahl's Rotten Rhymes and the nauseating monstrosity of Sweeney Todd" (Three Weeks)

"Highly original and intriguing" (This Is Cabaret)

Event Tags: Cabaret, Funny, Comedy