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The Marlowe Papers

A One-Man Play

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Klinika Lalek Puppet Theatre

Venue: The Pit  |  Genre: Theatre

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You’re the author of the greatest plays of all time. But nobody knows. And if it gets out, you’re dead.

It’s 1593, and Kit Marlowe, the most successful playwright in Elizabethan England, is stabbed through the eye at the age of 29. Except he isn’t. Because Marlowe is also a secret agent. His secret service colleagues have faked his death because protecting the Queen from Catholic assassination plots has led to his arrest for atheism, a capital crime.

Join Kit on his journey into exile and anonymity as he recounts the story of beer-drinking, duels and spying that led to his losing lovers, friends and his very identity... and wrestles with the problem that all his new work is being credited to one William Shakespeare.

Adapted from the prize-winning novel.

‘Rich and charmingly playful’ - Sunday Telegraph
‘Remarkable’ - Sunday Express
‘Engrossing’ - Observer
‘Marvellous’ - Independent

Starring Jamie Martin.
Written by Ros Barber & Nicola Haydn.
Directed by Nicola Haydn.

Image Credit: Aaron Munday.
Event Tags: Solo Show, Adaptation, Theatrical, Historical