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10 Steps To Happiness

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Happenings Theatre Company

Venue: The Warren: Studio 3  |  Genre: Theatre |  Warnings: Flashing/strobe Lights, Swearing, Age 16+

(No Performances)

We're born, we go to nursery, school, college, sometimes university. We're taught to work, not how to be happy. I work hard and drink away the weekends wondering: what's the missing ingredient to happiness? A better job? A boyfriend? A holiday? Failing that, I decided to search the internet: How to be happy? Easy! Follow these 10 steps to a happier life starting today. First step, figure out what is wrong ... Oh, errm ...

An innovative, honest, touching, comedic solo show about life, love and happiness. Come and join me in my world.

Event Tags: Solo Show, Devised, Contemporary, Funny, New work