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Loquitur Theatre

Venue: The Warren: Studio 3  |  Genre: Theatre |  Warnings: Swearing, Age 14+

(No Performances)

Directed by Lou-Lou Mason

'Safe to Shoot' by Polly Churchill. After 25 years, Cathy, a normal middle-aged woman is back in the dating game. Things aren't going as well as she had hoped, but then she makes a discovery: Cathy has super powers.

'Hysteria' by Claire Gordon-Webster. Plain, boring HR manager Bea has stumbled across what she's been searching for her whole adult life. Now she has to prepare for the most extreme transformation of all.

'The Best Worst Day of My Life' by Victoria Turnbull. Grace's new life with her little bundle of joy isn't quite what she expected. From sex pacts to cracked nipples and everything in between, Grace navigates the not-so highs and crashing lows of new motherhood.

To continue our accessibility programme, we will be holding a Relaxed Performance on Tuesday 9th May 6.30pm especially for new parents and babies. There is some strong language and adult themes throughout so this show isn't suitable for toddlers or children under 14.
Event Tags: Funny, New work