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Blues and Burlesque

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Blues and Burlesque

Venue: The Warren: Studio 2  |  Genre: Cabaret and Circus |  Warnings: Nudity, Swearing, Age 16+

(No Performances)

After last year's sell-out run the Blues and Burlesque are back with a new show. Once again, songs and piano playing from ex-Dexys jazz reprobate Pete Saunders are upstaged superbly by the show's extraordinary hostess Lady Beau Peep ... you can call her mistress! By day she's busy with school runs and Tupperware parties, by night she indulges her bondage fantasies and some of yours! Come prepared for good laughs, some great songs and completely gratuitous undressing from their burlesque guests.
Event Tags: Risque, Live Music, Burlesque, Blues, Funny, Interactive