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Eve's Dawning: The Story of the Last Girl

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Last Girl Productions

Venue: The Warren: Studio 2  |  Genre: Music |  Warnings: Swearing, Age 10+

(No Performances)

'Eve's Dawning' combines storytelling, live music and animation to tell the dystopian fairy tale of Eve, the last girl in the world, as she navigates a post-apocalyptic wasteland, meeting strange characters en route. Playwright Joel Samuels ('The Common Land' - winner of 'Pick of the Fringe' at Brighton Fringe 2014 - 'God's Own Country', 'Divas'), singer/songwriter Lydia Samuels (1/4th of ANTI Records' The Melodic) and artist Jeanine Moros-Noujaim invite you to Eve's kaleidoscopic journey. Accompanied by a dreamy live soundtrack spanning multiple genres, from folk to doo-wop and punk.
Event Tags: Multimedia, Storytelling, Art, Sci-fi, Musical Theatre, New work