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Mr Dilly's World of Wonder

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Mr Dillys World of Wonder

Venue: The Warren: The Hat  |  Genre: Children and Youth |  Warnings: Age 5+

(No Performances)

A feel good, interactive theatre storytelling experience like no other! Let Mr Dilly take you on a journey of joy, laughter and fun into a world of wonder, using drama, music and improvisation to bring to life children's classics, traditional fairy tales and heroic myths. Whatever your age, you can join in the merriment and become part of the action; no two shows are ever the same. Fun for all the family in a high energy, fast-paced, interactive story extravaganza bringing families and children of all ages together. Get the Happy!

1. Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Mon 28 May 10.30am

2. The Jungle Book - Tues 29 May 12.30am

3. George and the Dragon - Tues 29 May 2pm

4. Jack and the Beanstalk - Weds 30 May 10.30am

5. Perseus and the Gorgon - Weds 30 May 12.30pm

6. Treasure Island - Thurs 31 May 10.30am

7. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - Thurs 31 May 12.30am

8. Robin Hood - Friday 1 June 10.30am

9. Thor's Mighty Hammer - Friday 1 June 12.30am

Event Tags: Storytelling, Family, Funny, Interactive