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Better Together

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Acá Theatre

Venue: The Warren: The Hat  |  Genre: Children and Youth |  Warnings: Age 4+

(No Performances)

Join three delightful Clowns who make waiting at a bus stop a tragically complicated affair. Back by popular demand, Tropizo, Doa & Squiggle are on a journey to become best friends! But how do you make real friends in a modern world? Through loneliness, tumbling and laughter, they learn to cast aside the distractions that stand in the way of what matters most. Playful and clever, 'Better Together' is an hilarious show full of surprises, slapstick and acrobatics. "Of all the children's shows ... at this year's Brighton Fringe I found this one the most original and the funniest" (Voice Magazine).
Event Tags: Family, Slapstick, Physical Theatre, Acrobatics, Funny, Clown