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Margo & Mr. Whatsit

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PaddleBoat Theatre CIC

Venue: The Warren: The Hat  |  Genre: Children and Youth |  Warnings: Age 3+

(No Performances)

Sophia's imaginary friend is Mr. Whatsit. Wherever Sophia finds herself living, he's always there with jokes to tell and games to play. But when Sophia moves into her new foster home, Mr Whatsit finds himself unimagined! Now Sophia has a new imaginary friend - the glamourous, grown-up Margo. Can Mr. Whatsit's playfulness keep him from being unimagined for good? And with her imaginary friends competing against each other, will Sophia manage to find her forever home? PaddleBoat Theatre present an interactive make-believe tale where the real and imaginary collide, and friends are never far away.
Event Tags: Storytelling, Devised, Family, Slapstick, Funny, Interactive