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You, The Loo, and Nappy-Nappy Noos

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Collar & Cuffs Co.

Venue: The Warren: The Burrow  |  Genre: Children and Youth |  Warnings: Age 2+

(No Performances)

Going to the toilet: one of life's mysteries... especially if you're only just learning what it's about, or maybe find it a bit scary. Two little aliens arrive from another planet and have to learn all about toilets, hand-washing, wiping and... the dreaded hand dryer! Suitable for children getting ready to leave nappies behind, or for older children who may find toilets and hygiene a bit difficult, especially due to sensory processing needs. A multi-sensory, musical, and interactive show from award-winning Collar & Cuffs Co. Relaxed performances and part-signed in Makaton. Involves toilet humour!
Event Tags: Family, Puppetry, Educational, Health, Musical Theatre, Interactive